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The Doctor

Dr. Michelangelo RubinoDr. Michelangelo Rubino Chiropractor

At age 30, I decided to change careers, and become a chiropractor. It has been an amazing journey, working in offices where we treated sports injuries, tri-athletes, and children from as young as a few weeks old through age 98 on all manner of injury. I was born in Italy, and still speak Italian. I lived in Newhall from 1990 until February of 2019 when I moved to Fillmore. When I’m not at the office you can find me spending time with my family, cycling, RVing, and just trying to enjoy the outdoors as much as we are able.

I have worked in many offices throughout Southern California, and have seen many different practice styles, and techniques. What I am providing in this office is an accumulation of what I believe are the therapies that are most complete. This way, I am able to effectively treat headaches, migraines, neck and back pain, allowing you to live a full, and pain free life.
Being entrusted with someone’s health is an incredible honor. When you come to the office we will work to earn, and maintain your trust. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Welcoming patients of Dr. Cummings!

"Thank you Dr, Cummings for your years of service, I wish you well in your retirement, and hope you enjoy all of your new adventures! I would like to welcome all of Dr. Cummings patients to come in, or call to schedule time to get some great care, meet me, and say hello to the familiar faces of our team. We are taking every precaution necessary to keep our office open and safe during these turbulent times. Stress can manifest into tension, pain and headaches. We are here to help! Be safe, together we can get through this."

Retired Chiropractor